Louise Gray For Topshop

Tomorrow marks a pivotal day in Topshop history. Another designer collaboration is due to hit stores with a bang and personally, this is one occassion I do not care to miss!

Of course I am talking about Topshop's latest work with Louise Gray; an eclectic and wacky fashion designer, born and bred in Scotland and who is now the mama of the fashion pack! Awhoooo (that was a wolf howl, if I didn't make it obvious). 

The release is primarily based on the designer's make-up range which boasts bright pops of colour, from cream blushes to dazzling lipsticks in neon pink. This is a fresh and exuberant introduction to the usual and somewhat ironic trends that we see recycled each season. Move over boring, plum shades because Gray's lipstick in 'Legend' is about to knock you off the shelves.

Of course, I love the introduction of A/W fashions and I can't wait to layer on lashings of wool and get my beanie hat out but there is something about this range that excites me. Although Louise Gray's designs aren't to my taste, I can appreciate her ability to design a range that has heads turning.

The clothing range boasts dresses and jackets that can almost be likened to circus attire and this is the epitome of what Louise Gray stands for. It's fun, and heck, it even looks like something you could wear at Halloween but it's this take on somewhat 'immature' dressing that reminds us not to take fashion so seriously sometimes. For me, there is definitely an appealing factor in just being able to throw on one cherished and classic garment in the morning, without having to worry about what accessory matches or what shoes compliment the colours in my attire and it is this same ideal that is alive in Louise Gray's designs.

If you want to be in with a chance of having these iconic pieces hanging in your wardrobe, get refreshing to the Topshop website shortly after midnight or just get your butt to one of the nearest flagship stores tomorrow AM, because if it's set to be like any other Topshop collaboration, Gray's stocks are about to sky rocket!

Love, Fi x

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