A Dedication to Mum.

Happy Mother's Day! My mum is currently over 100 miles away as we live in different countries, so what better way to say thank you than dedicating a blog post to her, right?!

This is my mum in all her early twenties glory! (ignore my dad's embarassing speedos) and I'm proud to say that she still looks as fabulous.

Mum might be terrible with technology and still can't fathom why I have four piercings in my ear but she was the person to introduce me to Chanel and help my love for fashion blossom. I'll always remember her purchasing a pearl, Chanel broach. Despite the bank breaking price tag, she simply exclaimed 'It's Chanel. It's timeless'.

I used to sit and watch her delve into her drawer of copious amounts of make-up; applying her Yves Saint Laurent foundation and making it look so flawless. She was the one to tell me always to apply my make-up in natural lighting and never to match a heavy eye with a heavy lipstick. To me, mum was inspiring and to this day, she still is.

Even on her daily walks around the park, her wellies have fur lining and she still rocks a pair of shades. She will continue to bake every Sunday afternoon whilst wearing her diamond engagement ring and Friday's will forever be known as the day she takes a trip to the hairdressers for a fresh set of highlights and a blow-dry.

Despite having a glamorous mum, she's always supported bedtime curfews, eating healthy greens and encouraging me to work to the best of my abilities. She is always a phonecall away, offering me advice and telling me how much food she's going to fill me with when I do eventually come home. She has always been my support system and I know I can rely on her no matter what.

This one's for you, mum.

Love, Fi x

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  1. Aw:') That's really well written! I auditioned there a few days ago to write for a blog& she said my application was really good. It runs in the family,eh Fi?x :D