To blog or not to blog?

I may just be shooting myself in the foot by writing this post but I felt compelled to do so after a bit of a disappointing experience with another blogger. I'm not going to talk about what happened but the whole situation got me thinking what 'blogging' is really about and how it's changed from its past roots.

As an avid reader of blogs for atleast five years now, I remember finding unique and original bloggers whose writing and photographs transformed them into my 'treasure' finds. To this day, I still admire and read these bloggers who started from nothing but a camera and an insight into their lives and built up a strong and worthy fan-base. I looked to them for inspiration that I couldn't find in the small town I grew up in and the whole 'blogging' scene back then sparked my love and flair for writing and led me to the realisation that I wanted my career to be in writing and particularly in fashion.

Fast forward to 2012 and in my opinion, the whole blogging economic has transformed. Not only has it become a source of income for many (which I feel is a very admirable thing) but I also feel as though people only start their blogs to gain a step up on the fast ladder to the top. Of course, bloggers will always want to gain some recognition and support for their writing/photography platform but ultimately, is this what blogging should encapsulate? I find my Twitter swamped with bloggers tweeting about their blog on an around the clock basis and I almost feel an obligation to read what they have to say and show because of it. I miss the days in which I just stumbled upon a 'treasure' and trawled through previous posts because I was so smitten with what I was reading.

Of course, the success of social networking has greatly highlighted just how enormous the blogging world has become. Blogs have become a vital network in which PR companies now look to to promote products and gain coverage and perspective on new lines and releases. Blogs now look to advertising as a reputable source of income and to occassionally assist other bloggers in terms of exposure.

I think this new method of blogging is great in terms of launching careers and gaining publicity for those hidden 'gem' blogs that have yet to be noticed. Is blogging now the new route for those who want a career in writing/fashion/advertising/PR? For me, blogging is simply about sharing a little bit of my take on what fashion means to me and the fun and creativity I have in simply picking an outfit each morning and if I gain recognition and a fan base along the way then I will gladly sit back in amazement and accept it but for now, I'm happy to watch my little space grow and develop. How and where it will develop to is indefinitely in the 'To be continued' section.

Below are a few of the blogs that I still get excited about when I notice a new post. I'm sure you've heard of them all already but I'll partake in the blogasphere and put them on the radar for those who are yet to find them ;)

Love, Fi x

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